• Monitor your foot & lower limb health
  • Identify and treat any problems you may be experiencing
  • If you have trouble maintaining your own footcare
  • Reduce risk associated with diabetes, infections, skin lesions

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Skin and Nail Care

    Skin and nail conditions 


    A Podiatrist deals with skin and nail  complaints such as;

    Toenail Disorders

    Thick & Disfigured Toenails

    Fungal Toenails

    Ingrown Toenails

    Painful Corns

    Callous & other pressure lesions

    Cracked Heels

    Skin Infections

    Wounds & Ulcers


    Plantar Warts


    Some of the most common foot conditions explained

    Podiatrist Skin Debridement

    Corns & Callus Removal 

    Corns & Calluses are often due to abnormally high pressure in certain areas. A podiatrist can safely and painlessly remove these issues with painless lesion debridement. We also aim to look at the causes resulting in these types of lesions and addressing them to offer a permanent solution to these annoying complaints. Generally, the root cause of these complaints is due to abnormally high-pressure in certain areas of the foot, by reducing stress and offloading regions with certain devices and appliances we can significantly reduce the burden of painful corns & callous.

    Podiatrist Nail Care

    Routine Nail Care can be performed by our Podiatrists

    We offer a professional and efficient nail reduction service to patients who have difficulty maintaining their general foot care needs. We aim to assist people with their routine nail care in a painless and comfortable manner whilst offering a comprehensive foot assessment during the process.

    If you are having difficulty cutting your toenails click here for an informative article by Medibank Live Better

    Podiatrist Ingrown Toenail

    Ingrown Nails

    Ingrowing nails can be a major cause of pain and distress for people. Podiatrists are the best-placed professionals to effectively resolve your symptoms. Usually, one consultation is needed to address an ingrowing nail. We also offer minor nail surgery procedures to permanently resolve longstanding nail issues.

    It’s easy to underestimate the role our feet play in our health and daily lives but when people start to realise just how much we use them. It is estimated they will carry us over 130,000 Kilometres over our lifetime. It’s not hard to see why they are one of the most important parts of the body.

    Meet your Hobart Podiatrist


    Nick is a Hobart Podiatrist based at Claremont Podiatry. First, he graduated from La Trobe University, Melbourne in 2013 with a Bachelors of Health Science and a Masters of Podiatric Practice. After that, our Claremont Podiatrist gained clinical experience across Australia and Internationally within sports medicine clinics in London. Now, he specialises in custom orthotic therapy, foot/ankle injury and biomechanics. In addition, Nick has advanced experience in utilising 3D foot scanning and CAD aided software design for prescription of various orthotics. Consequently, this gives him the ability to provide tailored, highly comfortable and accurate orthotics that patients are extremely happy with.

    Podiatrist Oatlands

    Claremont Podiatry Philosophy


    Certainly, we strive for the highest quality care and satisfaction for our patients. Therefore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our orthotic products. This is because we are confident that you will get outstanding outcomes with our therapy, devices and prescriptions.