Why Correct Diagnosis Is Crucial

Foot & Injury Anatomy

Why Correct Diagnosis Is Crucial



Do you have continued Foot Pain, Ankle Pain, Shin Pain or Heel Pain then getting a diagnosis is a vital step on the road to recovery.


A diagnosis is a crucial, yet often disregarded piece of the puzzle and without one it is often an uphill battle with no clear path for total resolution of your problem.


Without a specific diagnosis, treatment tends to be general rather than specifically targeted to your problem. A comprehensive plan to resolve your pain can be best formulated when the diagnosis is clear.


We diagnose & Treat common areas;


  • Big Toe Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Lower Leg Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Forefoot Pain
  • Shin & Calf Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Top of Foot Pain
  • Joint / Soft Tissue Pain


It all starts with a conversation…


What are the clues? (ie What can you tell us about your injury)


Who is the culprit? (ie Where are you getting pain?)


Who are the accomplices? (ie What in your life has contributed to this happening?)


What are the consequences? (ie How is the affecting your quality of life and goals?)


A full assessment of your injury will be then undertaken so that an accurate diagnose can be formulated.


Once we reach your diagnosis…


Your diagnosis should direct what we do to solve your problem and who best to assist you.


A treatment plan will then be discussed with you at this time.


Do not hesitate to seek a qualified professional in order to get a correct diagnosis and develop a specific path to recovery.


At Solefix Podiatry in Claremont, Tasmania, just a short drive from Hobart & Glenorchy we have had thorough experience rehabilitating many musculoskeletal complaints occurring at the foot, ankle and lower leg. We understand the biomechanic function of the foot and the movement of the entire lower limb to assist you in quickly getting to the bottom of your problem. We provide a thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan that is aligned with best practice and evidence-based care. Please email or call us directly to discuss any issues you may be having.

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