Claremont Podiatry offers a comprehensive service in the treatment of many complex and common foot pain problems; Foot pain can be a serious problem with 25 % of people at some point in their life will experience it. It is important that it is addressed and should not be ignored as generally the longer the symptoms continue the more difficult it is to successfully treat.

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Foot Pain

If you are experiencing foot pain symptoms such as these we can help you:


Foot pain does not have to be a life sentence and Podiatrists are best placed to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment of most foot issues whether that be an acute injury or longstanding foot problem. Our clinic has a special interest in the diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation of foot pain. Our team has many years of experience to best help you get back on your feet.

Any pain in the feet

Pain in the forefoot, midfoot or rear of the foot

Heel Pain

Pain on top of the foot

Sore ball of foot

Sore Foot Arch

Painful Bunions on Feet

Big toe joint pain

Bunion Pain

Aching Feet

Solving Foot Pain Fast & Effectively involves;




A correct diagnosis is crucial to the resolution of your pain and without a specific diagnosis, treatment tends to be general rather than specifically targeted to your problem. A comprehensive plan to resolve your pain can be best formulated when the diagnosis is clear.



Once your injury is determined, an evaluation of your problem and the potential causes is an important next step. Understanding how your body functions and assessing your foot structure and mechanics of the foot and lower limb is vital in order to get to the root cause of your injury and provide the best-suited treatment plan.



We are focused on the causes and the prevention of your foot pain. We take a long term approach to get you pain-free providing tailored treatment plans that best suit you.

Our Foot Pain Treatment Plans involve;


We see and treat people from all walks of life from runners and athletes to less active people trying to live a healthy lifestyle without pain. We have helped many Hobart locals improve their mobility, become pain-free and return to optimal foot function.

Remedial Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Joint Mobilisation Techniques

Dry Needling (Western Medical Acupuncture)

Strapping, Cam Boots & Bracing

Footwear assessment and prescription

Custom Orthotic therapy, Pre-fabricated Orthotics, Semi-Custom Orthotics

Exercise Rehabilitation; Tailored Corrective Exercises

Running and walking assessment and re-training

Movement and training analysis and prescription

Running & strength programs

Meet your Hobart Podiatrist


Nick is a Hobart Podiatrist based at Claremont Podiatry. First, he graduated from La Trobe University, Melbourne in 2013 with a Bachelors of Health Science and a Masters of Podiatric Practice. After that, our Claremont Podiatrist gained clinical experience across Australia and Internationally within sports medicine clinics in London. Now, he specialises in custom orthotic therapy, foot/ankle injury and biomechanics. In addition, Nick has advanced experience in utilising 3D foot scanning and CAD aided software design for prescription of various orthotics. Consequently, this gives him the ability to provide tailored, highly comfortable and accurate orthotics that patients are extremely happy with.

Claremont Podiatry Philosophy


Certainly, we strive for the highest quality care and satisfaction for our patients. Therefore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our orthotic products. This is because we are confident that you will get outstanding outcomes with our therapy, devices and prescriptions.